Director : Stephen Graham
Producer : Stephen Graham
Genre : Documentary, Factual
Release Date : December 6, 2015
Duration : 2 hours 23 minutes


The name Jerusalem is not strange to the inhabitants of the earth. Jerusalem is a holy site; it is the Capital of the ancient Israelite Kingdom and is also known as the City of David. It is also the direction to which Israelites, Jews and Christians pray and is just as equally important to Muslims. The 3rd holiest site in Islam, Al-masjid Al-Aqsa and Dome of the Rock can be found there.

The Holy city of Jerusalem is of importance to a great many people, but what if the place where we’ve all believed Jerusalem to be wasn’t the correct location? What would that mean to billions of followers of the Abrahamic Faiths?
Could such a large-scale conspiracy exist? Could there be truth to such a claim? According to Chief, Rabbi Howshua, the location known as Jerusalem is not historically correct. This documentary contains mind-blowing evidence to support his claim.


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