Director : Stephen Graham
Producer : Stephen Graham
Genre : Documentary, Factual
Release Date : September 3, 2013
Duration : 2 hours, 6 minutes


The documentary is divided into sections:

1. Geographical facts – unveils truth that Israel is in Africa not Asia minor/middle east (archaeological sites are visited, Suez Canal, Sinai Peninsula and tectonic shifting explained)

2. Connecting our Ancestry – Tribe leaders of people who have inhabited the land long before Europeans and Asians are interviewed, also amazing documents such as land titles, and other extraordinary documents and pictures are used to display undeniable truth.

3. Deception – This breaks down some long founded beliefs. For example Moses identity, Jesus being European (hidden pictures of a Black Jesus are shown in one of the oldest churches in the holy land). Film also shows the African quarters in the old city Jerusalem which is not on any modern map as a means to erase their every existence from the minds of the people of the land and tourist.

4. Change for Prosperity – Shows the accomplishments of the ancient African communities both tribal and Bedouin, and the direction their taking for a better future.

5. Spiritual Awakening — Introducing the notion of an uprising of African awareness in the holy land.


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