Director : Stephen Graham
Producer : Stephen Graham
Genre : Documentary, Factual
Release Date : June 17, 2016
Duration : 1 hour 43 minutes


Nablus, also known as Shechem, is a city in the Northern West Bank and is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the Holy Land. On the outskirts of this Palestinian city is found a large refugee camp known as Askar.

This documentary is set around an amazing new organisation, the Association of Special Needs Parents-Our Children, that not only aspires to address the challenges faced by the community of Askar, but in its short existence has and continues to do extraordinary work with the residence of the Camp. The organisation is made up of individuals all of whom have a member or members of their families with a disability.

Those people aided by the charity have various disabilities ranging from birth defects to disabilities resulting from gunshot wounds. Their passion for one another speaks for itself.

With the help of Ali Shaghnobi a local resident of Askar and personal friend, this documentary will broaden scope and bring true insight into what really occurs in the streets of Palestine; the oppression, struggles, determination and the love these people have for one another. All is revealed as Ali translates our discussions.


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