Author : Stephen Graham

Paperback : 116 pages

Publisher : Expressively Passionate Publications

Product Dimensions : 14 x 0.6 x 21.6 cm

ISBN : 978-1622094493

Genre : Crime, Novel

Release Date : November 15, 2012


When a gun suddenly decides to share its story, it’s time to listen. The use of street grammar and slangs sets the scene in this metaphorically written crime novel based on the life of Blacka, and the violent streets of London. The death of a love one stares Blacka, a young black male further down the criminal pathway, where violent crimes and terror are the norm. Mya is a beautiful black young female, conscious of her peoples past and focused on the future. They say opposites attract; will this attraction change the way Blacka views life, and how he lives it, or has Blacka’s love for the street’s and violent outburst become his own destruction. Written from a gun’s perspective, one can only imagine the level of its attribution to crime, murder, division, and other problematic situations which plagues the black community. The tragic incidences which occur in this novel reflect real life situations that young males and females find themselves in once drawn into the lifestyle of the streets.


I'm A Gun

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