Author : Stephen Graham

Paperback : 366 pages

Publisher : Expressively Passionate Publications

Product Dimensions : 14 x 0.6 x 21.6 cm

ISBN : 978-1622094448

Genre : Romance, Novel

Release Date : March 1, 2012

Re-Release Date : December 20, 2018


This story tells the tale of destiny, determination, and the true meaning of love as an empowering force. Yolanda the up and coming barrister meets the love of her life, Donell. The story unfolds, in the depiction of deep and powerful love affair, between two people, who by faith stumbled across one another’s paths. The momentary fleeting exchange, exploded in discovering their deep and passionate union. Their encounter ignites the spark; their communication and understanding fuels the fire that keeps alight their flame. Donell is a diamond in the dirt, a talented gift of a poet and artist, whose value is made known after mesmerising the beautiful intelligent Yolanda. Seducing and enticing her into a wonderful, life of Romance, Sexual Games and Love. Their exploits together, influenced the likes of the World renowned Artists from across the shores. Yolanda’s expertise in Law, allowed her to sit amongst the elite in London. Upon discovery of Donell’s talents, Young love is catapulted onto the newspapers, where he would be likened to an important French Artist. This tale of lovers, encapsulates, the intensity of their love, and displays the power and force of feeling and being appreciated. Donell and Yolanda’s story is an intoxicating, fragrance, of Passion, Sex, Prosperity, Love and Romance.


Love is Intelligence

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